Is Multi-level Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?

Multi-level network marketing is a type of business whereby both the sales and new recruits are compensated. In mlm network marketing opportunities, a person may have a certain product to sell. This person then recruits sales representatives to sell the product. These sales representative then have two duties, to sell the product as well as recruit new sales people. They get compensated for these two activities, selling products and getting new recruits. This cycle goes on and on. 

mlm network marketing opportunities

Is multilevel network marketing legitimate?

The simple answer to this question is, yes it is. This is one of the most efficient marketing strategies and has lasted for a long time. Great products are easily sold using this method. The big question however, is, is this marketing strategy just masquerading as a pyramid scheme? How can a person avoid being duped into getting into a non-profitable scheme?All the above are legitimate questions, and each one has legitimate answers. 

What is MLM, and is it a scam?

In the world today, there are numerous MLM network marketing opportunities. The straight answer is an emphatic no. Some of these opportunities are legitimate while others are just scams to steal innocent people’s money. For one to truly benefits from these opportunities, one needs to be aware that there is a world of difference between a good multilevel network strategy and a pyramid scheme. 

Many owners of pyramid schemes wear the cap of multilevel marketers. For this reason, it becomes difficult to differentiate the two, and great sales people end up getting duped. This in many cases leads to these great sales people giving up on their life dreams and a potential primary source of income. 

How to differentiate between a legitimate mlm network market and a pyramid scheme

1. The first and probably most important fact is that mlm networks work through distributing products and services rather than through their member’s contributions. Some legitimate multilevel marketing strategies mat have an initial member contribution, but nothing more than that. 
When a sales person says that the only way to grow is by recruiting other members, then this is a pyramid scheme. One should run away fast. An mlm grows by selling products and not by only recruiting new sales people.

2. Company structures should enable one make an informed decision. Normally, in multilevel marketing, there are those sales people who are very zealous. Do not discount them as people promoting pyramid schemes. Be aware that multilevel companies use this as a good and affordable marketing scheme. 
A multilevel company always has profit margins for not only the executive, but also for the downline recruits. Not only do they have these profits, they also have an appropriate working structure for each member. Beginning from the executives to the new downline recruits. Structure here is a more solid compared to pyramid schemes.

3. Thirdly, ask around about the company before joining. Check for their information on the internet. Search for their reviews, adding key words like ‘scam’ or ‘reputation’. This will guide one on whether the company is a legitimate mlm or a pyramid scheme.

4. Another great point to consider is how old a company is. Most legitimate mlm network marketing companies have been in existence for not less than ten years. Some have even stayed in the market for twenty or more years. 

This is not to mean that new companies cannot qualify to be legitimate mlm network marketing companies. In such cases, one needs to have their antenna on. Investigate these new ones as much as possible because most of them are likely pyramid schemes. 

5. Find out how a sales person gets their promotion. As earlier stated, most mlm network marketing opportunities grow by sale of product. Pyramid schemes grow by only recruiting new members. If you, as a sales person is pleased with the way these promotions are done, then, they can join. For legitimate mlm network marketing opportunities, promotions occur through an official appointment. For a pyramid scheme, one can even promote themselves without a question.

6. While searching for information about the company one should also get to know their refund policy. Ensure that you agree with the terms and conditions of product refunds. Many pyramid schemes send one to sell some products which could be difficult to sell, then later on refer to their no return company policy. This may leave a sales person broken. You do not want this happening.

7. The other obvious thing is, the products they are promoting. Find out if these products are legitimate. The selling method matters little, as for many years, mlm marketing products have been sold from door to door successfully. 

Be vigilant

The best way to protect oneself from these unscrupulous dealers, is by being vigilant. Long time executives in pyramid schemes know their whereabouts in such shady businesses. They may say anything to hook someone up with their scam. They have a great deal of experience, and will readily hoodwink any unsuspecting candidate. For one not to fall into their trap, the above tips should help. 

Anything that one is told about, that they don’t understand, they should ask. Be straight forward on any issue that is unclear, and strive to get legitimate references from your sales person. Resist the pressure to join a company there and then, no matter how sweet the deal seems to be at the time. Take your time and go through the above guidelines concerning what is being talked to you about. 

Another great aspect to consider is if sales and marketing truly aligns with your life’s goals and ambitions. In sales, one needs to invest a good chunk of their time and hard earned money to make it grow. This is the case with any business opportunity. 

Before one ventures into mlm network marketing opportunities, it is important to take into consideration that this may be a great chance for one to grow as a person. Multilevel networking has earned people a great income over the past years, and this can also be you. One just needs a great deals of precaution, and dedication of time and resources. One also needs to be a good convincer of people, so that they can buy the products and services, and also join the sales team. Anyone who believes they can work with these conditions, they should know that they are on their way to the top.

Why You Should Rent a JumboTron

JumboTrons have been around since 1985 when Sony developed one for the World’s Fair. Though they stopped making them in 2001, the JumboTron is still the term used for the gigantic television screens used around the world.

jumbotron rental
Nowadays, JumboTrons can be seen in many stadiums and public places in lots of cities to JumboTron rental throughout the world such as Times Square, New York. Marriage proposals, weather announcements, advertisements, and random customized messages have graced these gigantic screens throughout the years. From a business perspective, they have provided large amounts of exposure for various products and personalities—or at least, those brave enough to use them. Many companies have already utilized these mega-sized television screens by airing their advertisements and commercials through them.

jumbotron rental
JumboTrons, while being expensive, can be a worthwhile investment for your business if used right. Let’s talk about some tricks and tips on how you could make advertising through JumboTrons easier for your company and your product.

1. Knowing the Cost

Firstly, knowing the cost of airing your advertisement is the key to successfully taking advantage of a JumboTron. For instance, the prices for putting a Tron up in Times Square and sporting arenas are different. Here are two famous places in the United States which offer JumboTron services.
a. The Yankee Stadium – their JumboTron would allow one to air 10 messages per game for $100 each message.
b. Freemont Street – This 135,000 square feet wide screen, the second largest screen in the world, found in Las Vegas would cost $500 for each customized message aired on it.

2. Making an Impact

The JumboTron is usually going to cost you more than an old and conventional billboard advertisement, but it also allows you more opportunity to catch the eye of your prospective customers. Not only that, it allows you to put together an audiovisual package to a wide audience. This way, it’ll be easier for you to create an ad that people will remember for a long time. Making a very unique and memorable ad will do wonders for your company, your product, or your event. The JumboTron, this way, allows you to catch people’s attention, and boost sales and profits.

3. Right Place, Right Time

Like in the previous tip, you can target audiences with JumboTron advertisements. If you’re company makes sweaters, then air them in the coldest parts of the country during winter time. This will allow you to make the most out of your advertisements. Targeting a specific demographic with your advertisement is a more cost-efficient method, than mass broadcasting your advert to a general audience. Studies have shown that more responses are generated by targeted marketing campaigns, as opposed to, for instance, mass-produced advertisements.

4. Short but Sweet

Let’s be honest here: very few people have the patience to sit through advertisements (except maybe during the Super Bowl). Beating around the bush wouldn’t be a good idea. Think of it this way: you have a three- to seven-second window to catch your audience’s attention. If you take too much time, their attention may wane.
Your viewers want you to get to your point. Keep your messages brief to make sure your prospective customers remember your brand. This also—production and broadcast costs increase, the longer your advert goesIf you’d like, you can also make a series of short clips about your product. This way, you keep your content fresh and interested, and draw your audience’s intrigue. Before you know it, you’ll be receiving a lot of calls and emails about your product.

If you’re looking for effective means to expose your product to the right audience, a JumboTron advertisement to the right audience and venue may do wonders. This can ensure responses from your market, while increasing buzz for your brand.
They say that any publicity is good. What better way to make a loud statement about your product, by making use of well-created, targeted, and creative advertisements using a JumboTron?